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Monster List of Art and Exhibit Themes

In art, theme conveys the message or broad idea of a work or group of works. Themes are often universal ideas; that is, explorations into life, society, or human nature. Themes are usually implied rather than explicitly stated.

If you are trying to create a cohesive body of work, or prepare your artwork for an exhibit, you might find it helpful to choose a theme so that the pieces “hang together” (no pun intended). The list below should help you get started.

Monster List of Art Themes

List of Art and Exhibit Themes

    • 3D Art
    • Aboriginal and Native Art
    • Abstract
    • America
    • Anatomy
    • Animals
    • Apron Strings: Ties to the Past
    • Architecture
    • The Beauty Myth
    • Bizarre and Surreal
    • Bring in the Clowns
    • C is for Consciousness: Your Rich Inner Life
    • Casting Shadows
    • Conflict / War
    • Creations of the Night: Art Inspired by Dreams
    • Creepy / Spooky / Eerie / Strange
    • D is for Disrupt; Risky, Rebellious Art
    • Decay / Rusty / Grungy
    • Distortions
    • Dreams
    • Drip, Dribble or Splash
    • Duality / Yin Yang / Light Dark
    • Ecology
    • Elements of Design: Line, Color, Texture, Shape, Form, Value, Space
    • Emotions: Love, Hate, Desire, Jealousy, Envy, Joy, Compassion, Fear
    • Eyes from Above/Below
    • Fairy Tales
    • Famous Landmarks
    • Fantasy
    • Fluidity
    • Found Objects
    • Freedom
    • From Natural to Abstraction
    • Full Circle
    • Gadgets
    • Gardens / Flowers / Plants
    • Great Outdoors
    • Glassy and Glossy
    • Head in the Clouds
    • Heroes / Heroines / Archetypes / Gods / Goddesses
    • Humor / Fun / Silliness
    • Inspired by Great Artists
    • Interactive Art
    • Is Anybody Out There? Artworks About Outer Space
    • Kinetic Sculpture
    • Landscapes, Real and Imagined
    • La Vie Quotidienne: Art of Everyday Life
    • Light and Shadow
    • Lipstick and Rouge: The Emotions of Red
    • Local Inspiration
    • Loneliness / Loss / Solitude
    • Macabre
    • Masks for Full Moons
    • Medicine / Anatomy
    • Meet the Parents: Art of Moms and Dads
    • Memory
    • Messy & Sloppy
    • Metals / Metallic / Shiny / Lustrous / Golds / Silver
    • Minimalism
    • Monochromatic
    • Monsters
    • Mythological Creatures
    • National Identity
    • Nature & Environment
    • Opposites Attract
    • Ordinary to Extraordinary
    • Out of Place
    • Outdoor Art
    • Paradise
    • Paradox
    • Paw Prints: Artworks of Animals
    • Personality Through Sculpture
    • Perspectives
    • Picture books
    • Principles of Design: Pattern, Contrast, Emphasis, Harmony, Scale/Proportion, Balance, Rhythm/Movement
    • Recycling
    • Reflections & Shadows
    • Renaissance / Rebirth / New Beginnings
    • Romance / Love
    • Seasons / Fall / Spring / Winter / Summer
    • Seeing Things in a New Light
    • Self-portraiture
    • Seven Deadly Sins
    • Shadows
    • Shattered Images
    • Slice of Life
    • Small Art / Tiny Art / Miniatures
    • Souvenirs from the Sun: Vacation Artwork
    • Spirituality
    • Stages of Life: Growing Up, Boyhood, Manhood, Girlhood, Womanhood, The Crone, The Maiden, The Mother, Children, Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, Death
    • Steampunk
    • Stories
    • Symbolism
    • Take Me Away
    • The Gaze of a Woman
    • The Great Outdoors: Landscape Art
    • The Heat is On: Summer Artworks
    • The Way We Were: Art About Nostalgia
    • Through a Window
    • Time and Space
    • Transformation
    • Unique Mediums
    • Weird & Wacky
    • Who’s Your Helga?
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Zen

What would you add to this list?

The art of a lunatic | Marc Chagall

“But perhaps my art is the art of a lunatic, I thought, mere glittering quicksilver, a blue soul breaking in upon my pictures.” ~ Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall, The art of a lunatic

Marc Chagall, The art of a lunatic

Attaining Mastery | Michelangelo

Michelangelo, Attaining Mastery

Michelangelo, Attaining Mastery

“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.” – Michelangelo

Color is the Keyboard | Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky - Color Is The Keyboard Quote

Wassily Kandinsky – Color Is The Keyboard Quote

Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul. – Wassily Kandinsky

Painting is Easy |Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas, Painting is Easy Quote

Edgar Degas, Painting is Easy Quote

Painting is easy when you don’t know how but very difficult when you do. – Edgar Degas

Art As A Means of Living A Life | Robert Henri

Robert Henri Quote

Robert Henri Quote

“I am interested in art as a means of living a life; not as a means of making a living.” ~Robert Henri

Useful and Beautiful | William Morris

William Morris Quote

William Morris Quote

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

La Nuit, La Neige, et La Mer: Night, Snow, & Sea

Made this Etsy Treasury this past weekend. I love the haunting, but calming scenes. Hope you enjoy!

And I also have a Pinterest page by the same name.