DIY Miniature Glass Dome Terrarium Necklace with Antique Brass Base

Fill this darling glass cloche dome with any tiny whatnots you have for a one of a kind pendant. This makes a great gift item for a personalized necklace. The base is an antique brass color as is the cap.

The set includes one glass dome, one base, and one cap finding. The glass is hand made and may show small bubbles or other imperfections.

DIY Miniature Glass Dome Terrarium Necklace

DIY Miniature Glass Dome Terrarium Necklace

Please note that this is a do-it-yourself project. You will need glue to attach the base to the glass and the cap finding to the top of the dome.

This charming piece will also work well in a dollhouse – just leave off the cap finding and fill with flowers or other miniatures for a cute Victorian look.

– SIZE –
Bottle: 1″ high by about 5/8″ in diameter (25x18mm)
Opening: about 1/2″ in diameter (about 16mm)
Cap: about 3/16″ in diameter (6mm)
Base: 3/4″ diameter (18mm)

These can be filled with all sorts of tiny objets d’art! Search through your drawers to find scraps of paper, fabric, old love letters, dollhouse miniatures, shells, bones, beads, moss, or jewelry.

Need more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest page for a compendium of ideas and tutorials.

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