Flat Back Resin Skull Cabochon Charms

Wonderfully fun and quirky! Who doesn’t love a skull? Well, me! – until my son took a liking to them a few years ago. Since then, I’ve embraced my macabre side and jumped in to his skull-collecting activities with complete enthusiasm. (Not sure he’d be loving the pink ones though.)

Flat Back Resin Skull Cabochon Charm

Flat Back Resin Skull Cabochon Charm

The skulls are created from resin and are very sturdy and smooth to the touch. The backs are completely flat, perfect for gluing onto any type of surface mount. You can also glue two heads together for a sort of Linda Blair spinning head kind of look. I did this in my beaded skeleton project – see picture below. Skulls measure about 1 1/8″ long and almost 3/4″ wide. Sizes vary somewhat between items.


• Decorate your cell phone
• Add to a shadow box
• Make into a pendant necklace
• Glue to a hair barrette
• Embellish your backpack
• Top cupcakes for a birthday party
• Use in your scrapbooking project
• Create custom Day of the Dead art

Beaded Skeleton Ornament

Beaded Skeleton Ornament

These are great for any craft project! Use your imagination! And if you make something cool, please send me a pic – I’d love to see your work!

Skull Symbolism

The best webpage I’ve seen on this subject is at http://obsessedwithskulls.com/skull-symbolism.htm.

So come on, take a page from my book and embrace your inner dead!


Here, of course!!! I sell them in my Etsy shop and also here at TrilbyWorks.com.

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