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The Arden Fair: Kind of a Bust

I was so excited about doing the Arden Fair but when I arrived and was shown my spot, I burst into tears. My space was on a hill! How could I possibly set up my tent on a hill? Furthermore, a small pear tree took up the back left corner, just where a tent leg needed to go! The fair workers dithered about, suggesting alternate spots, all equally unsuitable. Finally, my husband and I just set the tent up on the hill. It was either that or go home. We set up the tables and put my stuff on. It all promptly slid off and two of my robots broke. More tears. And some anger. A woman came by and offered us some small wood blocks to help even out our table legs. Ha! A two-inch block would hardly do the trick. Part of the hill slanted down at a 45 degree angle! I ended up dragging my large table down to the bottom of the hill and put two foot-long PVC pipes on my lower table legs and left the upper ones off. This leveled out the table nicely and I piled all my goods up on one table. Here are a few pics taken before I moved everything down:

Well, clearly my booth needs some better displays. I’m working on this. I just bought a spinning magnet rack and this really helped – I sold about four times as many magnets as I had when they were on their previous display, which was a sort of lame old metal shelf I found in the basement.

I love my new ornament tree. It’s dark metal and really looks like tree branches and roots. I hang bracelets on it and they catch the light beautifully. You can see it in one of the photos above.

I’d like to get some hanging panels to block views of my neighbors and I should make better use of my vertical space. But at least I’m making a start and getting out there to the events. As my aikido sensei says, just showing up is half the battle.

I Survived The Bellefonte Arts Festival, My First Craft Show

After months of stewing, I finally screwed up my courage enough to enter my first craft show. I picked a small, local one called the Bellefonte Arts Festival. It took me a month to prepare. As the day approached, I camped out in my studio, frantically putting together earrings, printing out display signs, and getting my cash box together.

Here are some pictures of my booth:

Buying the tent was much more of a chore than it should have been. I did not want to spend a lot of money for my first show, but the cheap tents had legs that splayed outward which I thought would trip people so I settled on a $100 tent with a brown top and straight legs that took the most efficient use of my 10’x10′ space. I borrowed folding tables from friends and relatives and purchased inexpensive brown burlap fabric to drape over them.

I bought several rotating necklace display stands from Oriental Trading Company and raided my basement for wicker baskets and my sideboard for wood trays and dishes. A borrowed metal holiday ornament tree held my bracelets. I thought my display looked pretty good for a first timer.

The show wasn’t very heavily attended but a nice little stream of customers walked past my tent and enough of them popped in and complimented my work and even bought things that I felt the show was a success.