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Doodle Monsters

Doodling is fun. Doodling monsters is awesome fun! A few years back, I committed to doodling a monster a day for an entire month. Well, I didn’t exactly make it through the whole month but I did get a bunch of fun monsters done. Here they are:

These are fun to make. You really can’t go wrong and you can make these while watching TV. Just plan out where the white parts will be so you don’t color them in.

These doodle monsters aren’t fine art, but they are a great way to keep your drawing hand nimble. I find that just moving the pen around the page every day keeps my creative juices flowing and opens me up to other arty ideas. Yay, doodling!


Doodle Monsters

How to Use Paint Pens

Well, I finally figured out how to use paint pens. They really don’t work too well on canvas over acrylic paint, as I had tried earlier this month, but I was able to use them successfully in this piece. I really have to thank my son for this discovery, as we were sketching together and he just grabbed a handful of paint pens and started scribbling them all over his sketch pad. He made a cute little alien with the green pen and that inspired me to make my own alien. The paint pens worked wonderfully well on plain old sketch paper but they do tend to seep through to the other side so stick a piece of scrap paper behind the page you are working on to block the seepage. Work big and forget about adding lots of detail with the paint pens – they really are not suited for this.