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Mini MagBot Found Object Robot Magnets

These little one-of-a-kind robot magnets are upcycled from household objects and hardware into mini cute assemblages.

A very strong 5/8″ round magnet is glued to the back of each and will keep your new friend secured to any magnetic surface, including your refrigerator door.

Part of a series that I created for the 2018 DelawareFunADay.com, the robots measure from 2 1/2″ to 4″ tall. They are made from 1 1/8″ children’s wood alphabet blocks, found objects, hardware, various recycled components and lots of imagination.

I’m selling these in my Etsy shop so please visit there to buy one of these little guys.

If you live in Wilmington, Delaware, you can adopt one of these from the Bellefonte Art Gallery.

Fowl Language Chick Greeting Card

This greeting card is for the birds! Well, chicks, that is. Chicks with attitude. School chicks with attitude. School chicks with attitude who just got a rap on their fluffy little tail feathers for using fowl language.

Fowl Language Chick Greeting Card

Fowl Language Chick Greeting Card

I am especially fond of chickens and I love old postcards and other ephemera. But I like giving them a little twist to make them funny (or punny) and that’s what I’ve done here. A fluffy, cute chick leaves school and tosses his book away while the grumpy headmaster looks on and menaces a switch. The copy reads, “Little Johnny always knew he’d be expelled for fowl language.”

This greeting card uses an old 1908 German postcard from which I removed the words “Happy Easter” and added our my amusing text. It measures 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ and is printed on bright white matte heavyweight paper. This is a great card to send to a teacher or a friend who appreciates puns or really likes chickens. Buy yours today.

I also offer this design as a mint tin and as a refrigerator magnet.

I Like The Way You Oil My Joints Robot Magnet

Hot off the presses: my new robot magnet. This sassy robot says, “I like the way you oil my joints.” Slip one of these into your partner’s lunchbox or briefcase to show your appreciation for them and I’m sure you will be rewarded!

I Like The Way You Oil My Joints Robot Magnet Graphic

I Like The Way You Oil My Joints Robot Magnet

SIZE: 3 3/8″ x 2″
BACKING: Flat black magnet

Go here to buy one.