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Fowl Language Chick Greeting Card

This greeting card is for the birds! Well, chicks, that is. Chicks with attitude. School chicks with attitude. School chicks with attitude who just got a rap on their fluffy little tail feathers for using fowl language.

Fowl Language Chick Greeting Card

Fowl Language Chick Greeting Card

I am especially fond of chickens and I love old postcards and other ephemera. But I like giving them a little twist to make them funny (or punny) and that’s what I’ve done here. A fluffy, cute chick leaves school and tosses his book away while the grumpy headmaster looks on and menaces a switch. The copy reads, “Little Johnny always knew he’d be expelled for fowl language.”

This greeting card uses an old 1908 German postcard from which I removed the words “Happy Easter” and added our my amusing text. It measures 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ and is printed on bright white matte heavyweight paper. This is a great card to send to a teacher or a friend who appreciates puns or really likes chickens. Buy yours today.

I also offer this design as a mint tin and as a refrigerator magnet.

Etsy Treasury Tuesday: Mint Tin Fancy

Here’s an Etsy Treasury I made, reflecting my strange obsession with mint tins.

‘Mint Tin Fancy’ by TrilbyWorks

For some reason I really, really like mint tins. Round ones, rectangular ones, small ones, long ones, I love them all. Here are some of my faves!

cherry blossom gift tin…


Don”t Look Back – …


Pill Box Gift Tin Coin …


Small Chiyogami Rectang…


Alice in Wonderland Tin…


Portable Mint Tin Amp a…


Mix and Match Any 3 Soy…


Polymer Clay Filigree M…


Altered Tin with Sterli…


FLYING SHOE – Altered A…


GOLF – Altered Altoid M…


Mint Tin Pocket Guitar …


Cicada Locust Treasure …


Do You Kiss Your Mother…


Altered Altoid Tin Vint…


Grey Cables: The Knitte…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

If you like mint tins as much as I do, check out my Etsy listing here or my Trilby Works store listing here to buy some of your own.

Rectangular Blank Mint Tin

Mint Tins

You can also check out my Pinterest board, What To Do With A Mint Tin, here: http://pinterest.com/trilbyworks/what-to-do-with-a-mint-tin/.

Grumpabot Says Bite Me Mint Tin

My Grumpabot has now made it onto a mint tin, yay! But it hasn’t improved his mood; he is still grumpy.

Grumpabot Says Bite Me Mint Tin

• As a wallet or change purse or to transport store loyalty cards
• To present a gift card
• For personal items like make-up or lip balm
• For gum, candy, or pills
• As a first aid kit to keep in your gym bag or car
• As a pocket tacklebox for fishing
• As a survival kit with matches to keep in your car
• To organize craft supplies, small doodads, hardware, stamps, etc.
• As a portable games chest for dice or stickers
• For a mini sewing kit

Etsy Treasury Roundup

Some Etsy treasuries my work has been featured in lately. Thanks to everyone who chose one of my pieces to include!

My Hippo Mint Tin Art is Famous!

Wow! My hippo assembly was selected for Art Business Institute’s “Great Handmade Holiday Gifts! $50 – $100” list.

Altoid Tin Hippo Sculpture

Altoid Tin Hippo Sculpture

Altoid Tin Hippo Sculpture

Altoid Tin Hippo Sculpture

Altoid Tin Hippo Sculpture

Altoid Tin Hippo Sculpture

This one actually has been sold but I’m in the process of making several more. If you’d like one, check back here to see when they are done or drop me an email and I’ll set one aside for you. Thanks to the ABI for choosing my work!

Awaken Butterfly Mint Tin

A beautiful butterfly with the word “Awaken” decorates the front of this mint tin.

Awaken Butterfly Mint Tin

Awaken Butterfly Mint Tin

Use these tins to corral small items such as craft and sewing supplies, hardware, loose change, family photos, first aid supplies, makeup and other personal items, or a notepad and pencil.

Tins measure 3 3/4″ long and 2 1/4″ wide with a depth of 3/4″. Hinged lid. Food safe. Buy one here.

10 Ways You Can Use An Altoid Mint Tin

• As a wallet
• To present a gift card
• For personal items
• For gum or candy
• As a first aid kit
• As a pocket tacklebox
• As a survival kit
• To organize craft supplies
• As a portable games chest
• For a mini sewing kit

I’ve made dozens of decorated art mint tins. They are fun to make and sell really well. You can see some of them in the gallery below. Many of these are for sale in the “Tins” section of my shop.