Jupiter the Faux Fur Plush Monster

Just finished the amazing faux fur plush monster Jupiter! She is about 8 inches high, with spikes of royal blue and sky blue fur, felt paws and horns, and a black felt face with safety eyes. My daughter supervised her construction, stuffed her paws, horns, and body, and pestered me into finishing her.

Jupiter Faux Fur Monster
Jupiter is a plush, stuffed faux fur monster made by Trilby Works

Jupiter was meant to be sold but my daughter claimed her while she was still a flat piece of potential in my fur grab bag so she gets to keep this cute little stuffie as long as she takes proper care of the creature. Which includes cleaning up after it when it makes messes and blames the cat.

I’m working on a tutorial for making these companionable creatures. Click here to see what I’ve got so far.

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