Wilmington Art Loop

Wilmington Art Loop Nov 2012 Guide

My stuff has been at the Bellevue Arts Gallery for a year now and I’ve been so busy with life that I haven’t had much time to get in there and see the other art or socialize with the other artists. So I was happy to hang out there on Friday night to meet some new people and have fun during Wilmington’s Art Loop night.

What made it even better was that I was that month’s featured artist! This was a wonderful opportunity for me to interact with customers (okay, stand to the side and spy on them while they inspected my work) and find out what they really thought. Happily, everyone liked it. Or at least that’s what they said in front of me.

Here’s a scan of the program guide with my work in full color – cool!

Wilmington Art Loop Nov 2012 Guide
Wilmington Art Loop Nov 2012 Guide

I didn’t actually show the art doll that is in this picture (oops) but I had some other art dolls that were fun to look at. My piece, The Servants of Ord, was of particular interest to art loopers. Everyone wanted to see Master Ord, who I haven’t created yet. Well, that will be my task for 2013.

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