Zoo Animal Trays, A Project for Kids

My preschooler brought home yet another art project to be completed at home. Here were our guidelines:

In honor of the letter “Z” we will make our own zoo display. Attached you will find a styrofoam tray. Please help your child make his own zoo animal. This can be a real zoo animal or a silly made-up zoo animal. The possibilities are endless and everyone’s will look different. Use whatever materials you have on hand: playdoh, cut out pictures, recycled items, string, paper, buttons, etc.

Ugh! Even though I’m an artist, I kind of dread these projects. It’s difficult to keep my hands off the artwork while stepping back to allow my child to execute her vision. But it had to be done! Here’s what we did:

Zebra Toilet Paper Rolls Project for Kids
Zebra Toilet Paper Rolls Project for Kids

We cut up a toilet paper roll and glued it to a larger piece of cardboard tube that I had in my stash to form the zebra’s head and body. We added sticks for legs and placed the zebra on a foam tray. Then my daughter painted the zebra white with black stripes. We found two blue sparkly scrapbooking embellishments for eyes and a fluffy bit of yarn for the tail. Ears were made from cut pieces of cardboard and glued on. Finally, we added some dried moss around the zebra’s feet.

Cute! And, more importantly, it’s my daughter’s work, she loved it, I kept my paws off, and I let go of my perfectionist tendencies (for a while).

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