Texture in Art and Collage Painting

Pink & Yellow Shades Background for Collage Painting

Texture is one of the elements of design that refers to the surface quality in a work of art, whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Texture in painting is often expressed with layers of paint built up in various areas to indicate form or to supply energy or movement to the work. In collage painting, texture is very easy to achieve using any number of found materials as texture tools, along with different acrylic mediums.

Here are a few examples of backgrounds I’ve created for my collage painting:

I’ve used layers of paint and acrylic mediums like soft and heavy gel medium, glass beads medium, and stucco paint effect medium. I used found objects like toilet paper rolls to imprint circle shapes, bubble wrap to stamp dots on my canvas, and cardboard, sticks, plastic, and more to incise lines or patterns. And that’s just the background! I then continue on, adding more elements such as scrap papers, photos, tape, and embellishments.

Of course, texture is also evident in other forms of art, including fiber art, pottery, jewelry, furniture-making and more, as seen in my Etsy treasury, Texturium.

Texture also exists in nature and in many aspects of our lives. See my Pinterest board for the many examples of textures in life, nature, art, and our everyday world:

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Texture in Art and Collage Painting Graphic by Trilby Works
Texture in Art and Collage Painting Graphic by Trilby Works

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