Toasting Hippo Print Vintage Illustration

Toasting Hippo Vintage Victorian Illustration Graphic from Trilby Works

A proper hippo gentleman proposes a toast to his animal friends. Hippo mania swept Victorian England after Egypt’s viceroy gave gave the London Zoo its first hippo in 1850, the first live hippo seen in Europe since ancient Rome. Called Obaysch after the island on the Nile where he was captured, the young male hippo became an instant sensation and inspired hippopotamus artwork and even a Hippopotamus Polka. Four years later a second hippo arrived, this one a female named Adhela. The happy couple produced a live offspring in 1871, a female named Guy Fawkes. (Which may be why this handsome fellow below is celebrating!)

Toasting Hippo Print Digital Download Vintage Illustration
Toasting Hippo Print Digital Download Vintage Illustration

This charming illustration is available as a digital download in my shop. Click here to snag one for yourself!

You get a high resolution (300 ppi) digital file sized to 8″ x 10″ that you can print out yourself and frame or use otherwise. The file format is a widely used pdf that can be opened and used across many computer platforms. The watermark will not appear on your download.

This print is out of copyright.

You may use this artwork for personal, educational, and small business projects in any quantity. You may NOT resell the image itself in part or whole. This artwork is royalty free; you pay once for its use and then you may print as many copies of it as you like.

How To Use This In Your Art

The toasting hippo print would be wonderful on a wedding invitation or favor or could be used for an anniversary or shower.

Hippo Inspiration

If you need artistic inspiration, please take a gander at my Pinterest board for hippos in art:

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